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Home Physical Therapy Home Physical Therapy: Bringing Healing to Your Door in Central Rome Fisiomonti has developed therapeutic programs tailored to the needs of patients living in central Rome who might find it challenging to access healthcare facilities due to mobility issues, transportation constraints, or health concerns. Consequently, we offer our physical therapy services in the comfort and convenience of patients’ homes.   Therapeutic Paths in a Familiar Environment: One of the main advantages of home physical therapy is the ability to receive personalized care in a familiar setting. Domestic environments offer a sense of comfort and security, which can contribute to a faster recovery and better treatment outcomes. By delivering care directly to patients’ homes, Fisiomonti’s physical therapists can assess the specific challenges and opportunities present in each living space, adapting therapeutic paths to the unique needs and goals of the individual under their care.   Convenience and Accessibility: Home physical therapy eliminates the need for patients to travel to a clinic or rehabilitation center, saving time and reducing logistical barriers. This convenience is particularly advantageous for people with mobility limitations, chronic conditions, or time constraints. Fisiomonti brings its qualified experience directly to the patient’s home. Our home service ensures that individuals receive timely and consistent care without the complication of travel or waiting for appointments.   We Assess and Treat: Just like in a clinical setting, our home physical therapy begins with a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition, including their medical history, mobility limitations, functional abilities, and the short- and long-term goals important to them. Based on these assessments, Fisiomonti develops a therapeutic path that may include exercises, manual therapy techniques, and education on self-management strategies. Whether it’s post-operative recovery, managing a chronic condition, or rehabilitation from an injury, we offer complete, personalized care tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the individual.   Promoting Independence and Well-being: Beyond addressing immediate physical challenges, we help patients take an active role in their recovery and overall well-being. By teaching proper techniques, providing guidance on exercise regimens, and offering practical advice for daily life, we help individuals regain confidence, independence, and functional abilities. We provide strategies to manage their conditions more effectively, promoting long-term health and an improved quality of life.   Collaborative Approach of the Staff: Fisiomonti operates within a collaborative healthcare framework, involving family members and other members of the patient’s healthcare team, such as doctors and nurses. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures continuity of care, facilitates communication, and promotes treatment strategies that address the physical, emotional, and social aspects of the health and well-being of the person under our care.   In conclusion, Fisiomonti, with its home service, offers a convenient, personalized, and effective approach. Delivering high-quality care directly to the doors of patients in central Rome, we help individuals regain independence in daily life. Whether it’s post-surgical recovery (shoulder prosthesis, knee prosthesis, hip prosthesis, vertebral fractures, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction), neurological rehabilitation (stroke, Parkinson’s disease), post-bedrest rehabilitation, or geriatric rehabilitation (fall risk, loss of mobility, senile dementia), we manage chronic conditions with therapeutic paths aimed at healing, prevention, and maintaining the results obtained. BOOK NOW


MASSOTERAPIA, KINESIOTAPING – BENDAGGIO FUNZIONALE MASSAGE THERAPY Massage therapy is by far the best-known practice in physiotherapy. With the movement of their hands, the physiotherapist is able to establish contact with the patient’s epidermis, inducing a positive response through nerve stimulation due to the activation of superficial cutaneous receptors.   KINESIOTAPING – FUNCTIONAL BANDAGING Kinesiotaping is a preventive and rehabilitative therapeutic approach that involves the application of strips of elastic tape called “kinesiotape” directly on the skin, following specific patterns and application techniques. This type of elastic bandage is designed to provide muscle and joint support without significantly limiting movement. It is often used in sports and aims to improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce pain, provide muscle support, and promote muscle recovery after trauma or intense exercise. It is used to treat various issues such as: Post-surgical/traumatic edema Tennis elbow (epicondylitis) Golfer’s elbow (epitrocleitis) Osteoarthritis Ankle sprains Patellar subluxation Stiff neck Plantar fasciitis Piriformis syndrome Functional bandaging, on the other hand, involves applying elastic or non-elastic bandages to the skin to provide support and stability to damaged joints, muscles, or ligaments. This type of bandaging is more rigid than kinesiotaping and can limit joint movement in certain directions to protect the affected area and promote healing. Functional bandaging is often used to treat acute or chronic injuries, such as sprains, muscle tears, or joint instability. In conclusion,, while kinesiotaping aims to provide dynamic support without significantly limiting movement, functional bandaging is designed to offer more rigid and stable support to protect and stabilize injured areas. Both can be included in a broader treatment program, depending on the specific needs of the patient and the clinical condition. BOOK NOW