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Fisiomonti Professional Association is partnered or in the process of perfecting agreements with various insurance companies, funds, and welfare funds. These insurance agreements can be of two types: direct and indirect.

1. Direct Agreement:

The direct agreement involves the direct payment of the service for the beneficiary by the insurance company or mutual fund.

This payment can be complete or partial. If partial, the beneficiary will need to pay a deductible covering the costs not covered by the insurance agreement.

Fisiomonti Professional Association staff cannot apply the direct agreement if, for any reason, authorization is not received from the insurance company or if the patient does not have the required medical prescription when mandatory.

2. Indirect Agreement:

The indirect agreement requires the patient to pay for the service upfront and then potentially request a refund, total or partial, from their insurance company or mutual fund.

In this case, the client must book the service, use it, pay the amount at the agreed price, and then, if covered by the policy, request reimbursement from the insurance company by presenting the invoice.

Necessary Documents

To open an insurance claim, it is always necessary to present:

  1. Personal identification document and Health Card
  2. Medical prescription
  3. Insurance card or policy number

The staff of Fisiomonti Professional Association ensures the utmost availability to provide information regarding insurance coverage for various physical therapy services and to support the potential request for prior authorization from the insurance company.